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Student Employment
Colorado State University provides student employment services with the aim of helping students secure employment whilst still in school. The employment ensures students are provided with invaluable work experience which will help in the long run of finding their footing in an appropriate career. The site posts job openings for students studying at the university in a range of categories like full time, part time, internships and graduate jobs!
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E4S Recruitment
The UK recruitment agency known as E4S is your #1 guide to finding suitable employment. E4S has put together several authentic and genuine recruitment agencies for students that offers a good range of graduate jobs, part time jobs and internships. Browse through the extensive list of recruitment agencies to find a listing near you.
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USA Jobs
Welcome to USA Jobs, for students and recent graduates wanting to forge a federal career. The newly streamlined programs coming up in the summer of 2012 will help students and recent graduates to begin their career in the federal workforce. Students are encouraged to visit this site periodically in their search for job placement.
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Agency Central
The Agency Central is a UK based website which is a recruitment agency and job sites directory. Aimed at both employers and job seekers the website was founded in 1999, with the goal of helping you find your perfectly ideal job. Additionally, the Agency Central offers job seekers advice including career advice and employment advice.
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Student Employment Services
Student Employment Services was established in 1994 and specializes in student internships, graduate internships and jobs across the United Kingdom. Additionally, the website is dedicated to offering students advice on CV tips, interview tips and cover letter tips. Students can register with SES to find their dream job!
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The Big Choice
The Big Choice, based in the UK is a student recruitment agency providing students, graduates, school leavers news about the latest placements and internships. From advice on courses, job placements, community forum, the information center to recruiters, the Big Choice is your one stop shop when looking for graduate job placements.
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Recruitment Workshops
The ICEF organisation is a resource for thousands of educators and student recruitment agencies around the world who are hoping to increase their student enrolments. They offer workshop events around the globe for educator and recruitment agents networking as well as online workshops which connect agents, educators and service providers.
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Recruit UT
Recruit UT connects students and recruits at the University of Texas in Austin. For recruiters seeking top talent from the university, whether its for job and internship positions or career. All students enrolled can search for on-campus jobs, part timeseasonal jobs and internships. UT alumni can access the job board for life.
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Student Employment
The Student Employment Agency of University of Derby is said to provide temporary and part time jobs while studying and during student vacations. This is a great opportunity to gain some experience and earn extra cash. Some opportunities currently available include administrators, exam invigilators, marketing, HR, care workers, data input, reception and waitressing.
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Foreign Students
Foreign Students provide students an opportunity to earn extra money whilst making their academic life more comfortable. London offers students great jobs which include internships. There are also part time jobs, summer jobs and holiday jobs. Check out the available student jobs on Foreign Students where finding jobs has never been easier.
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Youth At USGS
Youth at USGS offers students excellent employment opportunities and those looking to work in the science field. Students maybe employed full time, part time, vocationaltechnical training or on internships. Students must be atleast 16 years of age to enroll in the program. To become enrolled students must be taking half time course lead.
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Student Job Search
Student Job Search was setup in 1982 and is a free site for members and employers. The site was originally created to help students find job placement. For the lsat 3 decades Student Job Search has been bringing together students and employers across NZ. The goal is to deliver quality services to employers by providing support to students who are in the midst of hunting for their dream job.
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Get a jump start to your career on Graduateland, which is the preferred choice of network to begin your career. Graduateland offers internships and graduate programs to students. All you need to do is to sign up. This is a powerful network which will provide career opportunities locally and nationally. If you want to find your dream job, Graduateland will get you there!
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Study & Work
Study & Work is a budding recruitment agency devoted to students, graduates and professionals looking to find their dream job. It is a unique and career management and recruitment company in Australia which started in 2006 and has since placed candidates in entry levels or junior roles. These roles have progressed into senior roles like Business Analyst, Design Engineers, Financial Controllers, System Administrators and so on.
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The Pie Job
The Pie Job is a recruitment specialist for professionals in international education. This site posts new employment opportunities and new talent available to employers. Interested parties can post their advert on the recruitment board and manage the recruitment process, or make use of the recruitment consultancy service. Sign up for the weekly newsletter which offers details on newest job vacancies.
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Start Page UK
Start Page UK features a job search web page which includes agencies jobs, job vacancies, recruitment agencies and paid internships. Find a job today, whether it is jobs for students, jobs in London, jobs in Midlands, Cambridge, Manchester, Liverpool and Northern Ireland. Also, students can find online jobs and check out the forums section which contains links to job opportunities.
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International Student Recruitment
This is the Institute of International Education Network website which is a great resource for students and education organisations around the globe. On their site you can gain access to a host of articles and papers on international student recruitment and lots of other valuable resources.
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Independent Living Institute
The Independent Living Institute offers employment opportunities abroad, international, international recruitment and internships. Check out the exchange and internships, work abroad programs, volunteering and information for employment seekers with disabilities. The site also outlines the procedure involved on how to get a work permit if your employment is abroad.
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Placements & Internships
Placements & Internships from the University of Kent places focus on how students can get about looking for employment during or after graduate, undergraduate, internships and so on. The University plays the roleof a recruitment specialist that specializes in aiding students find their dream job. Also, employers can find assistance on this site as well in finding the perfect employee.
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Bedfordshire Recruitment
University of Bedfordshire Recruitment Services offers expert advice to students on how to find job placement. There are a range of services for graduates and undergrads that aim to help with career planning and progression. Students are enabled to manage their future career through professional information, advice and guidance and high quality service. Get your personalized job alerts y signing up with Bedfordshire Recruitment.
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Prospects Recruitment
Prospects is a job hunting recruitment specialist and the official graduate career website in the united Kingdom. Prospects features in-depth information on recruitment agencies in general and UK directories that feature job recruitment agencies. This in-depth feature will tell students how to choose an agency, how to join an agency and more. Check out job hunting blogs with real life people looking for real jobs citing their experience.
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Uni Temps
Uni Temps is a student recruitment specialist in the United Kingdom. Temporary work is offered to students and recent graduates to commercial businesses and leading universities throughout the country. Uni Temps is operated by the university of Warwick and is a great solution to finding job placement to students. Create your profile and start searching for jobs today.
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Recruitment Bureau
The Graduate Recruitment Bureau is a career matchmaking service made in heaven. A specialist student recruitment service, graduate students will be connected to highly desirable employment of a range of sectors across the United Kingdom. Students will receive tips and advice from recruitment specialists at the Recruitment Bureau on how to send out comprehensive applications for jobs and understand how graduate schemes work.
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Hire Fire
Hire Fire is a Malaysian recruitment agency that offers recruitment services for students in over 20 countries. A resume search website ideally suited for both employers and employees, Hire Fire was launched in 2003 in the United Kingdom. The job search features are simple and user friendly and offers extensive services to student job seekers, employers and recruitment agencies. Find your perfect student job placement only on Hire Fire!
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Care 4 Students
Care 4 Students is an overseas student recruitment service based in the United Kingdom. Launched in 2001, the service has become a leading provider of recruitment and support services to students. The student agency will provide assistance to overseas students to help bridge the gap on cultural differences, language restriction and lack of information from the start of submitting an admission application to arriving in the country and settling down comfortably into student life thereafter.
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Recruit Canada
Recruit Canada connects students and employers to come together to the same place. Recruit Canada is known for its student fairs in the country, where students and employers can meet face to face and discuss future working opportunities and job placements. These fairs are meant to help students and other academic professionals plan their personal pathways in the academic and professional field.
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Ed Media
Ed Media Student Recruitment was launched in 2002, with the aim of bringing together high quality student recruitment agents, to education providers in Australia and New Zealand. Ed Media provides extensive marketing and recruitment tools to the international education industry, which includes online agency recruitment and management, agent workshops, student application generation management and agent workshops!
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Pishgam International Agency
If you are a student and you are interested in working abroad when you have completed your studies or even studying abroad then take a look at this website. Pishgam are experts in the field of careers and immigration to the UK, Canada and Australia.
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